Hotronix Sprint MAG Auto-Open heat presses offer the same functions as the MAXX presses but with a magnetic-release function and pressure sensor display to make heat applying onto garments easier and more consistent.


To ensure that you get the best price and value for money for your Stahls heat press purchase, along with the best possible after-sales support based on over 30 years of heat press experience, WE GUARANTEE TO MATCH any price offered by a UK-based reseller of Stahls and Hotronix heat presses - In the event that you find the same heat press elsewhere for a lower price, simply contact us to let us know and we will happily match it!

Hotronix Auto-Open Heat Press Features:

The Hotronix Sprint MAG Auto-Open heat press has the following features:

Full Benefits of the Hotronix Auto-Open Heat Press:

Designed by Stahls’ and proudly built in the USA by Hotronix, the world’s leading manufacturer of heat presses, The Hotronix Sprint Mag Auto Open press has the same great features of the Hotronix MAXX press and offers all of the features you’d expect from a well-built heat press, including:

    • Being proudly built in the USA, rather than from component parts from China like most presses available on the UK market.
    • Wide opening for easy garment placement: 65 degree opening (10% wider than most available in the UK)
    • Automatic release of the upper platen without the need for an air compressor via a magnet-assisted lock down for maximum productivity with minimal investment.
    • The same digital time and temperature controls as MAXX, but with an additional Twin Timer which allows users to set two different time settings
    • Solid state temperature controller for accurate heat reading.
    • Over-the-centre pressure adjustment for even pressure and heating.
    • Compatible with several, quick-release Hotronix lower platens to make application easier onto difficult-to-print garments.
    • Compatible with the Hotronix Heat Press CounterCaddie and Hotronix Heat Press Caddie Stand which allow you to thread garments around the heat press much more easily.

The press is produced in several different sizes to ensure that there is a press to meet every business requirement:

    • The 15cm x 15cm model is specifically designed for applying labels, breast pocket designs and shorts.
    • The 28cm x 38cm, 40cm x 40cm and 40cm x 50cm models are perfect for printing larger items, but can also print smaller areas with the wide range of quick-release, interchangeable lower platens which great increase the productivity of the presses.
    • The Cap Heat Press is great for applying onto curved surfaces, such as caps and hats.
    • The Sports Ball press is ideal for applying onto a wide variety of balls.

These sleek, stylish and ultra-reliable, clam-style heat presses are the recommended option for sole traders and smaller businesses, anyone who needs a workhorse of a heat seal press for medium-volume usage or those looking for a longer-term investment in a heat seal press.

What Is A Heat Press Machine?

A heat press is an electrical machine which is used to heat apply designs onto substrates, using a combination of the heated upper platen and consistent pressure of the downward force onto the lower platen for a specific amount of time which is variable upon the particular process and also the material being applied onto. Heat presses are most often used to apply designs onto garment fabrics, such as t-shirts, hoodies and polo shirts, but there are also specialist presses which can be used to heat press onto other products such as caps, sports balls and mugs.

We offer an excellent range of heat presses that cater for all types of businesses and budget:

All of the Hotronix heat presses that we supply also have quick-release interchangeable lower platens available to purchase separately to aide companies in heat-applying onto more difficult items or garment areas – For more details, visit the Hotronix Lower Platens section of our site.

Why Use A Heat Press?

The three main requirements to successfully apply a transfer are an accurate temperature, time and pressure. A heat press can be calibrated to these requirements and maximise your efficiency, whereas you will not be able to perform anything accurately with a domestic iron.

Therefore, although an iron could technically be used, we would strongly recommend using a heat press to ensure that the heat transfer is properly bonded to the intended fabric.

What Accessories Would I Usually Need For My Heat Press?

This depends entirely on the types of garments, print types and heat press you have – We usually recommend the following accessories for different uses:

    • Non-stick cover sheet or Release paper: These greatly aide heat pressing by preventing any static from raising the heat transfer when lifting the upper platen and to prevent dyes and inks from contacting the upper platen
    • Non-stick pillows: When printing awkward areas, such as near zips, seams and the rears of shirts, non-stick pillows absorb these to produce an even printing area to apply onto.
    • Additional lower heat press platens: All of our Hotronix heat presses have a variety of different shapes and sizes of lower platens which make the placing and applying onto garments much easier. For example, printing a child’s garment on a 40x50cm heat press is much easier with a 15x25cm lower platen.

There are lots of other accessories available, all of which can be seen in the Accessories section of our site.


Not Sure Which Is The Right Heat Press For You?

Due to the high number of enquiries we get from individuals trying to find the most suitable heat press to meet their needs, we've created a comprehensive, UK-specific heat press guide on how to choose the right heat press which will hopefully help you to determine the best heat press to fit your requirements. Alternatively, feel free to contact us by telephone any time between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday on 01253 349917 or by email at and we’d be happy to discuss your specific needs and give you our advice.


Why Buy A Heat Press From Badgers?

Regardless of the heat press you choose, you should always ensure that the company that supplies it offers a suitable warranty and can supply any parts and advice that you may require in the future. We’re happy to confirm that we’ve always repaired and maintained all of the heat presses we supply to give our customers the technical support and advice that they need, based on our comprehensive experience in the heat press industry.

Combined with our UK PRICE MATCH PROMISE on all of the Stahls and Stahls Hotronix presses we supply, and the ability to pay via credit/debit card, PayPal or BACS, this means that you’ll get the best price, advice and support available from anyone in the UK!

We've been supplying custom heat transfers, heat presses and accessories for over 30 years, and we always aim to provide the best products and service that we possibly can. We have an experienced sales team on hand to offer advice on the right solution to meet your requirements, and we're sure that you're in safe hands based on our knowledge and range of options.

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