HTV (Heat Transfer Vinyl)

Frequently Asked Questions - Heat Transfer Vinyls

Which is the right CAD-Cut material for me?

The material that you need will depend on the fabric that you are applying it to and the requirement of your job. We stock a wide range of materials, some suitable for lots of garment types (such as Sportsfilm Extra and CAD-Cut Premium Plus) and the more specialist ones (like EconoReflex Extra). If you are unsure which product is going to be suitable for you and the task you have at hand, please feel free to contact our experienced sales team.


What are the advantages of the different CAD-Cut materials?

Each individual material has its own qualities, each one having something that makes it essential in our range of products. Some products, such as the Sportsfilm Extra, have incredible versatility, offering you an excellent finish on most garment types, and the ability to cut fine detail, especially on smaller designs. Other materials, like the CAD-Cut Premium Plus Sublistop are specifically designed to overcome particular issues, such as strike-through from subli-dyed garments.


How much pressure and cutting speed should I use?

This will vary depending on the specific material and you should follow the instructions provided. It is also advised to do a test cut prior to commencing a job to ensure that you get the best results possible.

As a suggestion, we always recommend running the plotter slowly to ensure a precise cut (e.g. <100mm/s), particularly if the vinyl is below 100 microns in thickness, as lightweight vinyls which are cut at high speed can often result in an imperfect cut.  Regular maintenance, such as checking the blade and cutting strip, will also help to make sure that you achieve the highest quality heat transfers possible.


If I already have a cutter and a heat press – Will it work with your CAD-Cut materials?

In a word, YES! Don’t be fooled by anyone who tells you that you must use their heat press or cutter for the vinyl to work. Any plotter should be able to cut our vinyls, but smaller plotter/cutters, such as the Silhouette Cameo and Silhouette Portrait, struggle to cut some vinyls (such as CAD-Cut effect and PromoFlock) due to the limited blade type and pressure achievable on the plotter.


How durable are transfers made from CAD-Cut Vinyls?

Most transfers produced today which are made from CAD-Cut flex/vinyl will outlast the life of the garment that it is bonded to, providing it is applied and washed in accordance with the instructions provided.  CAD-Cut materials are very durable, but to ensure that there aren’t issues we recommend that they are ironed on the reverse.

It is highly recommended to check the individual instructions for the different materials, but you can rest assured that you will be getting a product that will give you fabulous results for a considerable period of time.


Do all CAD-Cut material brands match in colour?

No, they don’t – However, all of our standard vinyls use the same colours so that you can achieve consistency between different vinyls and fabric types.


What are the differences in different brands of CAD-Cut materials?

Please remember that not all materials are created equally. There are some simple questions to ask to determine whether the brand is likely to be of good quality. Is it easy to weed? Can you see the cut lines through the material? Can it be overlaid to produce multi coloured designs? What is the smallest size lettering recommended to be cut from the material?


How many CAD-Cut materials do I need to start?

Unless you have a niche market that you’re producing designs for, you would usually standard vinyls for cottons and polyesters (such as Sportsfilm Extra) – However, if you’re aiming at high-fashion or promotional use (e.g. stag and hen parties), you may wish to look at purchasing some speciality vinyls (such as CAD-Cut Effect or CAD-Cut Glitter).


How can I achieve a two-colour design using Cad-Cut materials?

It is usually possible to create a two (or even three) colour design using CAD-Cut materials, by cutting the individual colours and applying them separately onto the garment, particularly with vinyls such as Sportsfilm Extra and CAD-Cut Premium Plus – Please refer to the individual instructions on the website for full details.