Plastisol Custom Heat Transfers | UK-MADE | FAST DELIVERY

Frequently Asked Questions - Custom Transfers

What is the best way to order custom transfers?

At Badgers, we pride ourselves on offering the best customer service in the industry and we have an experienced team on hand to offer advice on the best processes for you, and the most cost effective.

We will always provide you with what is best for you and your business – The best way to order is to contact us either by telephone or email, and we can advise you of the correct process, costs and artwork requirements.


What is the correct transfer system for my needs?

The system that is best for your needs depends on the design that you are creating, the fabric that it is to be applied to and the quantity that you require.  Certain processes are more suitable for certain finishes.

If you are unsure of what is best for you, we recommend that you contact us to discuss your needs, either by forwarding details to us via email, or by telephoning us.


What type of materials can heat transfers apply to?

Different processes will apply to different materials. We have products which will allow you to apply to all garment types, including Nylon and Spandex. Using our fantastic exclusive Universal and SuperTEK range of products, we can even apply to specialist fabrics.

As always, our specialist application team are on hand to answer any questions that you may have.


How durable are the transfers?

Most transfers produced today are made from materials which will normally outlast the life of the garment that it is applied to, providing it has been applied correctly and washed in accordance with the instructions provided.


Do you stock any generic designs or transfers?

Unfortunately, we no longer stock generic designs, due to the limited demand in the UK market.


Can you reproduce transfers of licensed products or copyrighted designs?

Providing that you can prove that you have the required permissions to be able to replicate a licensed or copyrighted design, we will happily print it for you.


Are there any minimum requirements for ordering, such as quantity?

There is no order too big or too small! Depending on the process being used, we are happy to accept orders from as low as 10 heat transfers for customers or runs stretching into millions.


What is the delivery time for custom transfers?

The delivery timescales depend on the process that you choose and the volume of work already scheduled – However, we pride ourselves on a short turn-around time, and can very often dispatch heat transfers within 2-3 working days upon confirmation of the job details, confirmation of artwork and receipt of payment.

In addition, in most instances, consumables will be with you the following day, providing you order before 3pm (dependant on stock levels and volume ordered).


Is there a way I can achieve special effects on the transfers, such as a gloss or textured finish?

Yes, by using special cover sheets you can achieve such effects, such as a Non-Stick Cover Sheet and Gloss sheets which are available for certain processes.  Our specialist application team are on hand to answer any questions that you may have.


What are the artwork requirements needed to enable me to have custom transfers produced?

The format of file required depends on the process – As a basic guide, for a full-colour design we would require a raster file that is at least 300dpi at the size required and produced using CMYK colours.

For a block-colour, ink-based process, we would require a vector file (with text saved as outlines), along with Pantone colour references for the specific spot colours required.