Fine Detail Blade (60° Blade) for Summa Drag Series Plotters & Cutters

£14.00 exc. VAT

We stock 60-degree plotter blades (SDV750F) that are specifically engineered for use with Summa plotters and cutters for use with fine detail designs and Flock vinyls.

We also stock a 45-degree “normal” plotter blades (SD450V) for use with vinyls/flex for Summa plotters and cutters – For customers using a wide variety of vinyls/flex, we recommend using a separate blade for thicker or more difficult to cut vinyl to ensure the longevity of the blade.  We also recommend having a spare blade to hand in case a blade becomes dull or damaged unexpectedly.

In addition, most of our customers opt for smart knives which are precision engineered for the specific plotter that they have.  Changing blades can be time-consuming and intricate, especially blades that have springs, and blades can be easily damaged when being installed.  However, our range of smart knives are encapsulated in a pre-cast holder and are pre-set to the required depth so that they can be used immediately (after a test cut).  Based on this, we also stock “”Normal”” vinyl/flex (HSK450V) (with a Blue cap), Fine Detail/Flock (HSK450F) (with a Red cap) and Heavy Duty (HSK750R) (with a Grey cap) smart knives for Summa plotters and cutters.

CUTTING TIP: When you insert a new blade or Smart Knife, you should always check your plotter settings and do a test cut before cutting your intended design.

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