Colour Print Mask Application Mask For Printable HTVs (500mm by 25m)

£62.50 exc. VAT

Colour Print Mask (TTD Advanced) is a high-quality, heat-resistant, clear, sticky carrier which should always be used when working with certain printable vinyls, such as Colour Print Classic.

(Prices quoted are per roll, excluding VAT)

Simply place the mask over your design once you’ve weeded the excess material away (either manually or using a cold laminator), using a squeegee to remove any air bubbles from between the heat transfer and the Colour Print Mask, and then remove the design from the backing carrier for easy and consistent positioning during the heat application process to produce a high-quality finished graphic or image. Heat apply the heat transfer in accordance with the application instructions provided for the specific printable heat transfer media.

Colour Print Mask is available at a size of 500mm wide by the roll which is 25m long, and is also available in widths of 750mm and 1000mm. It’s recommended for the following printable heat transfer vinyls:

  • Colour Print Classic.
  • Colour Print Solvent Flock.

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