Non-Stick Teflon Pillows Pack (Set of Four)

£75.00 exc. VAT

Our complete pack of all four non-stick pillows contains four different size pillows which are all made with a durable PTFE Teflon-covered coating.

The 2cm (3/4″) thick, heat-resistant foam core enables heat press operators to have a flat surface to heat apply transfers near to buttons, seams and zippers on garments. They produce an even distribution of pressure by absorbing the protruding elements into the foam on application, and prevent marks on heat transfers and letters from the uneven garment surface – Simply place the pillow inside or underneath the garment prior to application.

They can also be used in open-weave garments to prevent to heat transfer from bonding to the other side of the garment (if not threaded around the lower platen) and to prevent adhesives/inks from migrating into the lower platen.

The pack contains the following sizes which are also available to purchase individually:

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