15cm x 50cm Leg & Sleeve Lower Platen for Hotronix Heat Presses

£237.50 exc. VAT

The 15cm x 50cm (6″ x 20″) Hotronix® Leg & Sleeve Lower Platen is designed for the application of difficult designs, such as easily applying heat transfers to legs and sleeves without the need to “pad out” the garment to compensate for the seams which create uneven pressure, and is specifically designed to work seamlessly with the Hotronix® MAXX, Auto Open, Fusion IQ and Air Fusion IQ range of heat presses.

It is specifically engineered for the Hotronix® range of heat presses which are all proudly made in the USA and can be used with any Hotronix® heat press that has a born-on date of 2014 or later. These platens attach to the heat press using the quick-change lever (no tools are required) and are intended for use with a Hotronix® heat press with a larger upper platen than the lower platen.

The heat transfer application onto fabrics which are traditionally difficult to print onto, such as those with profound seams, zippers and buttons, as well as shoes, umbrellas and bags is made simple and easy with our selection of lower platens.

We also offer a wide selection of other quick-release interchangeable lower platens, enabling the heat press operator to apply with far greater ease, including:

  • 18cm (7″) Round Platen: Personalise the ends of duffle bags, sides of gym bags, tote bags and backpacks.
  • 15cm x 25cm (6″ x 10″) Platen: Ideal for applying small (e.g. breast) heat transfers without damaging seams, buttons, or zippers.
  • 20cm x 25cm (8″ x 10″) Platen: Heat press onto tote and polypropylene bags – Slide the bag around the platen for more efficient heat printing on either side.
  • 28cm x 38cm (11″ x 15″) Platen: Apply onto childrens, women’s and smaller sized garments with ease.
  • 15cm x 38cm (6″ x 15″) Shoe Platen: Allows for heat press application of designs up to 5cm x 10cm (2″ x 4″) onto the sides of most adults and childrens shoe sizes, accomodating both shoes at the same time, reducing setup and application time.

Custom-made, quick-release lower platens are also available on request.

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