Stahls Hotronix Heat Press Portable Laser Alignment Tool

£305.00 exc. VAT

The official Hotronix Heat Press Laser Alignment System allows the user to ensure precise placement every time when decorating garments. The system is designed to increase accuracy and productivity by using up to four lasers to show exactly where the heat transfer should be applied or where the garment should be placed. In addition, the tool is portable which enables it to be repositioned behind or by the side of the heat press for optimium usage.

Stahls Hotronix Heat Press Portable Laser Alignment Tool

£305.00 exc. VAT

Hotronix Laser Alignment Tool Overview

Spoilt garments due to misalignment of the heat transfer are reduced significantly by this cost-effective solution – The laser alignment system allows the user to decorate consistently with laser-accurate positioning every time!  The four lasers are flexible and can be easily and individually aligned to the required setting.  Being independent to the heat press, it also makes them compatible with any heat press, and not just the Stahls and Hotronix heat presses we supply.

NOTE: The heat press shown in the images is not included.


Stahls Hotronix Portable Laser Alignment Tool Features:

  • Four independent lasers, each powered separately.
  • Lasers can be used with any size heat platen, including speciality platens (e.g. sleeve platen)
  • Sits on any table-top surface.
  • Compatible with any make and model of heat press.

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