Stahls LED Pin Weeder | Illuminated Vinyl Weeding Tool

£20.00 exc. VAT

Stahls LED Pin Weeder
Stahls LED Pin Weeder | Illuminated Vinyl Weeding Tool

£20.00 exc. VAT

The Stahls LED Pin Weeder is specifically designed to allow users to make “weeding” HTV much easier and quicker, as well as being much more accurate than tweezers or a craft knife thanks to its pointed tip.

In addition, thanks to the LED light at the end of the pin, it illuminates the area being weeded to allow the user to identify the areas to be removed much quicker, particularly in low light or where the cut lines are not immediately apparent.

Stahls LED Pin Weeder Overview:

The LED Pin Weeder from STAHLS is a much-loved tool for working efficiently with clothing vinyls and printable media where excess material needs to be “weeded” away. The sharp point on this accessory allows you to select and remove even the smallest detail with the minimum of effort for maximum results. It’s the next generation of the Stahls EZ Weeder which has been widely regarded for years as a “must-have” tool for working efficiently with HTV.

Due to the LED light at the end of the pin, it clearly lights up the area being weeded to enable the user to find the elements which are to be weeded away much quicker, particularly in bad lighting conditions or where the cut lines aren’t obvious, such as on White and light-coloured HTVs.

It also has an ergonomic design which makes the tool comfortable to hold, along with a clear, plastic lid to protect it from damage when it’s not being used, as well as allowing it to be kept in a pocket thanks to the plastic clip.

It’s also shipped in a separate plastic tube with a cap to allow for it to be safely transported and stored when not in use.

Also available without an LED light for as the original Stahls EZ Weeder.


Tips On Weeding HTV Vinyl Quickly & Easily

Simple techniques that enable you to weed Heat Transfer Vinyl much faster and easier

Weeding is tedious and time consuming – Our proven HTV Vinyl Weeding Tips can save you TIME and MONEY by increasing the speed that you produce them.

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