We offer a wide selection of heat press accessories to aide heat press operators in producing a good bond between the heat transfer and the fabric itself, along with accessories to support and maintain the heat press itself, including:

Hotronix Accessories

Hotronix Accessories

A range of heat press accessories from Stahls Hotronix which makes the placement of garments, heat transfers and equipment easier than ever before thanks to the their innovative approach.

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Hotronix Lower Platens

Hotronix Lower Platens

Printing near to profound seams, zippers and buttons, as well as shoes, umbrellas and bags is made simple and easy with our range of lower platens specifically designed for the Hotronix MAXX, Hotronix Sprint MAG Auto-Open and Hotronix Cap heat presses.

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Stahls Upper & Lower Platen Protectors

Upper & Lower Platen Covers

Non-stick, fitted covers that fit snugly over the upper and lower platens (similar to an ironing board cover) of any heat press, not just the Stahls and Hotronix range, and are specifically designed to reduce wear and tear and protect the silicon rubber.

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Stahls Non-Stick Teflon Pillows

Stahls Non-Stick Teflon Pillows

Non-stick pillows made with a durable PTFE Teflon-covered coating to enable them to be used to enable heat press operators to have a flat surface to heat apply transfers near to buttons, seams and zippers on garments.

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Replacement Heat Press Rubber Mats

Replacement Heat Press Mats

10mm-thick, high-grade replacement silicon heat press mats provide proper heat conduction and even pressure to ensure a consistent, high-quality bond to the intended fabric, and are available in either self-sealing or non-adhesive versions.

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General Heat Press Aides

General Heat Press Aides

Additional aides to make heat application easier, quicker and more consistent, including a cover sheets, heat tape, infrared thermometer gun and more.

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Heat Transfer Foils (300mm wide)

Heat Transfer Foil produces a metallic finish for a fashionable effect on any garment or promotional piece which has been pre-printed with either CAD-Cut Adhesive, silk-screen inks, plastisol-based custom heat transfers or ExactPrint CLC heat transfer paper.

Price: From £9.99 (excluding VAT at 20%)

Availability: In stock

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